What Zodiac Signs are the Funniest?

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The optimistic Sagittarius may make light of any circumstance. Their genuine strength stems from their combination sense of humour and optimism.


Gemini is a quick-witted writer with a clever sense of humour. Gemini is the one sign that never runs out of humorous things to say.


This sign will often go out of their way to make others laugh, sometimes doing ridiculous (or humiliating) things in the process.


Leo is a natural performer who seizes the limelight with fun. This flamboyant sign likes the spotlight, and what draws people's attention like a joke?


Exuberant and amusing Aries excels with physical comedy. Aries employs humour to win people over as a natural leader and to amuse them.


Virgo is exceptionally adept at detecting the comedy in a situation or offering a brilliantly well-timed statement that causes everyone to laugh out loud.


Scorpio has a dark sense of humour, but one that may be a touch cruel.


Dreamy Pisces tends to get caught up in the minute aspects of narration and is slow to get to the point, which ultimately undermines the humour.


When they choose to share it, Taurus's easygoing sense of humour is funny.


The self-deprecating comedy of Cancer is well-intended but sometimes strong.


Aquarius has an eccentric sense of humour, yet is often reserved. It's not that Aquarius lacks a sense of humour; they have one!


It may be difficult to persuade a stern Capricorn to grin, much alone laugh, but this sign has a subtle sense of humour if it can learn to relax. 

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