Overachieving Zodiac Signs Crave Perfection

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Mars-ruled Aries is motivated by rivalry. They'll do everything it takes to bring home the gold and will often take extreme, often risky measures to do it.

Because Aries is also the sign of the ego, they prioritise their own demands over those of others.


Don't be fooled by Leo's playful demeanour; if there's a possibility they might gain recognition through effort, they will do so.

The sun's dominance over Leo gives people a desire for accomplishment and to be recognised for something.


Virgos are careful and thorough, two qualities that propel them to the top of every endeavour they undertake. 

They are on a mission to achieve their personal objectives and serve as a role model for others. 


Capricorns have an unyielding resolve to achieve great success, regardless of the obstacles in their way.

They are governed by the 10th house of career and reputation, thus it makes sense that they are obsessed with success. 

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