Healthier Meals That Are Worse Than Candy

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Dried fruit

Fruit is often seen as a nutritious food, although dried fruit is frequently high in sugar and calories.

It is also often smaller than fresh fruit, making it easier to consume more, which might lead to weight gain.


Granola is frequently promoted as a healthy alternative, but it can be heavy in sugar and bad fats.

It is essential to check the label and select granola that is low in sugar and created with whole grains and healthy fats.

Energy bars

Many feel that healthy lives and energy bars go hand-in-hand, however this item has a shady nutritional profile.

When you flip the bar over and read the nutrition label, you may be astonished to see extremely high carbohydrate and fat percentages.

Cereal bars

Several varieties of this breakfast staple are loaded with sugar, which is why cereal gets a bad rap nutritionally. 

Some whole grain cereals may not cause the same nutritional damage, but you probably won't find them packaged as cereal bars.

If you were required to serve a healthy dessert and had to choose between sweets and frozen yoghurt, frozen yoghurt would seem to be the logical option.

Frozen yogurt

According to dietitians, frozen yoghurt is one of the top six snacks that increase inflammation in the body.

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