Food Swaps To Get More Protein & Lose Weight

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Cow's milk for almond milk

For people who can consume dairy products, this substitution can provide a significant protein boost.

Almond milk is a wonderful choice if you choose a plant-based diet, but cow's milk contains more protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

Cottage cheese for cream cheese

3.6 grammes of protein per 4 tablespoons of cream cheeseCottage cheese contains six grammes of protein per four tablespoons.

Instead of smearing your bagel with cream cheese, Young suggests using protein-rich cottage cheese.

Peanut butter for regular butter

If you're a fan of toast in the morning but often eat it with simple butter or jam, our dietitians recommend substituting peanut butter.

Since peanut butter has protein, fibre, and unsaturated fat, it will keep you full for a much longer period of time.

Quinoa for rice

Rice is an inexpensive, soothing, and flexible grain, although it is low in protein. Try substituting it with the whole-grain quinoa instead.

Quinoa is a plant-based source of complete protein, including all essential amino acids.

Roasted chickpeas for croutons

Those who prefer croutons on their salad for added crunch could replace them with protein-rich roasted chickpeas.

This substitution is also an excellent source of fibre, a nutrient that croutons generally lack due to their refined and processed nature.

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