First Things Someone Notices About You on a Date

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Your teeth

A toothy grin communicates confidence and demonstrates to your date that you are pleased to be there. 

It can also speak to grooming and cleanliness, which, can be indicative of one's way of life.

Your clothes

"On a first date, you have the opportunity to express yourself through your attire. Are you a more casual person?

Are you always aware of the newest fashions? Let your individuality shine through in your choice of attire."

Your body language

Body language can also indicate to your date if you find them beautiful or not.

Placing your body towards them and maintaining eye contact are positive indicators.

Your laugh

A good sense of humour is a sign that you can be light-hearted and don't take yourself or life too seriously.

Proper humour in a dating environment can be attractive and arouse one's desire to learn more.

Your manners

It's likely that you've heard the old adage to observe how a date treats a waitress in a restaurant, and it turns out that experts still believe this to be true.

Misconduct can be off-putting and suggest that you are self-centered, unpleasant, or simply have poor manners.

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