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The Boston metropolitan region ranks fourth out of the 150 most populated metropolitan areas in the United States on the Sharecare Community Well-Being Index.


Miami is an expensive location to live, but its high quality of life makes it a worthy place to call home

Brownsville, Texas

Residents of Brownsville, Texas, in southern Texas, benefit from well-educated high school students, low crime rates, and short commutes that allow them more leisure time. 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster's top score among those included in the quality of life index is for the metropolitan area's closeness to quality healthcare.

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Fayetteville, Arkansas

The typical morning commute in Fayetteville is just 20.9 minutes, allowing inhabitants to spend less time between work and home. 

Salinas, California

The metropolitan area of Salinas, which encompasses coastal Monterey.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay ranks 22nd on the list of 150 metropolitan regions for its low rates of property crime and murder. 

Reno is located on the western frontier of Nevada, and the closest big city, Sacramento, is more than two hours distant by automobile. 

Reno, Nevada

The average commute time for Rochester inhabitants is about 21.6 minutes, placing 19th among the 150 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States. 

Rochester, New York

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