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Pizza Sauce (Best Homemade Recipe!)

    Pizza Sauce (Best Homemade Recipe!)

    Many thanks to those who have shared their favourite recipe for homemade pizza sauce. To make, all you need is a blender and five minutes and five ingredients.

    Is there a fantastic pizza sauce that you can recommend? And here it is: the most delicious Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe you’ll ever try! There are just five ingredients required, and the preparation only requires a quick whirl in a blender. The garlicky, rich, tangy, and vibrant flavour that greets your spoon after only 5 minutes of preparation will astound you. Try this website’s most popular recipe once, and you won’t want to go back to the old way of doing things. Feel the enchantment for yourself!

    These are the ingredients for pizza sauce.

    This simple pizza sauce recipe calls for only 5 basic ingredients. And the best part is that you don’t even have to cook it; simply mix the ingredients together! Selecting high-quality components is essential for achieving a delicious final result. A few things to keep in mind concerning the components:

    • Try to track down some fire-roasted canned tomatoes if you can. Tomatoes roasted over an open flame have a mild, sweet taste. This unique kind of tomato is now widely accessible and carried by a number of different brands. Use the best crushed tomatoes you can locate if you can’t get the ones specified.
    • A single garlic clove: Cloves of garlic come in a broad range of sizes. If you don’t have a little clove, you may use half a medium or a quarter of a big clove (see the video below if you need a hint on sizes). This step is crucial in preventing an overly garlicky sauce.
    • Use dried oregano that has just been harvested for the best taste. The rule of thumb is that anything older than a year in your pantry should be replaced.
    • Extra virgin olive oil is recommended. Always.
    • Salt. Salt is an essential ingredient in every dish (here’s why we always use kosher salt).

    Making your own pizza sauce from scratch

    Instructions for making pizza sauce from scratch. The sauce is often cooked in a pot on the stovetop. Contrarily, following extensive testing, we discovered that fire-roasted tomatoes merge easily. We make this all the time, and every time I take a spoonful of the blended sauce and swirl it around in my mouth, it’s better than any dream I’ve ever had. Here’s how it’s done:

    • Prepare the garlic by peeling it. To prepare the garlic, peel the clove and cut it into chunks.
    • Incorporate everything! Blend the garlic along with the fire-roasted tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, garlic, and salt in a blender. That’s all there is to it. Taste it, and you’ll be blown away by how good it is! Numerous customers have raved that our pizza sauce is the tastiest they’ve ever tasted.
    This pizza sauce recipe yields the best Margherita pizza!

    Different ways to present it!

    The obvious choice for using this simple pizza sauce recipe is ON PIZZA. Additionally, it works well in baked spaghetti, pizza quesadillas, and as a dipping sauce for grilled cheese and breadsticks. Some of our favourite applications are as follows:

    • Pizzas such as the Margherita, Goat Cheese, or Homemade Cheese Pizza
    • Sheet-style pizza baked on a flat pan, as in Sheet Pan Pizza or Focaccia Pizza.
    • Deep dish pizza cooked in a deep pan or cast iron skillet
    • Easy Calzone Recipe Dipping Sauce, for use with things like Grilled Cheese Dippers and calzones
    • Pizzas with a twist, such Portobello Mushroom Pizza, Eggplant Pizza, or Tortilla Pizza.

    This is the best pizza sauce ever!

    Plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free.


    • Fire-roasted tomato paste (15 ounces)
    • Extra-virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp.
    • Half of a medium-sized garlic bulb, or 1 tiny clove
    • Add a pinch of dried oregano and kosher salt to a half a teaspoon


    1. A few rough slices of garlic (no need to mince it).
    2. Throw everything into a high-powered blender. Incorporate all of the ingredients by blending them together. (The pizza sauce used here is Italian-style, which is more fluid than the pizza sauce used in the United States. Get the right feel by watching the video! Keep in the fridge for a week, or freeze for up to three months.
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